Keith Livingston Design

Keith Livingston is an artist of interesting capability. He often tells customers looking at his jewelry that he considers himself an artist first, sculptor second and jeweler third. He works comfortably in several styles, abstract, kinetic and realism.

Most of the sculptures focus on his abstract aesthetic, but all of his work demonstrate a strong three-dimensional approach. Sculpture as a medium presents technical as well as visual challenges when considering design and placement of a piece of art. The work focuses on form and visual movement within the sculpture. The intent is to captivate the eye as much as possible. The challenge and goal is to design, construct and create a 360-degree experience for the viewer. Because sculpture is also about managing surface space it often has a tactile quality. The works in wood invite touch and, when shown in galleries, it is not discouraged.

Regardless of material, they all have in common is the challenge of construction. For the aesthetic to work, and work well, the craftsmanship is paramount. The wood pieces often generate the question; "How is it made?" The initial perception is that a solid block is laminated and material removed with chisels and traditional carving methods. The simple truth is, that the pieces are laminated incrementally as to allow for rough development of the basic form and controlled removal of material to maximize the anticipated form and anticipated finishing process.

A common element, of the sculptures is attention to the form, visual movementand craftsmanship plus a touch of whimsy. For art to be embraced it has to connect to the viewer, command it's space and, when possible, generate a little mystery