Keith Livingston Design

Everybody marvels at things that move. Alexander Calder brought motion and life to his art by suspending objects in elegant ways and letting a gentle breeze set his works in motion. Most peoples' familiarity of mobiles comes from crib toys that trace their roots to Calder's light and airy art forms.

Well, Mr. Livingston's mobiles are not suspended and they rest on a pedestal base waiting to be deliberately set in motion. They are interactive tabletop kinetic sculptures that share a similarity to "tops", another wonderful spinning toy. To him the creative challenge is to capture the joy of an activity, in a small sculpture, that is all about motion.

His mobiles tend to be joyful reenactments of human experiences. They range from the simple act of riding a seesaw which is a great reminder to all of us our youth. They also include a 'Wind Surfer' riding the waves, a trio of 'Skydivers' joined in formation prior to opening their chutes, to the circus act flying motion of a 'BMX Bike Acrobat'. The mobiles sit on their pedestals waiting for a gentle push or with a quick turn and they become spinning tops on a perch. Each one has their own unique motion and being hand made.

His talent lies in his ability to take common things such as cut nails and ball bearings and welding and bending them into figures representing the human being into a lifelike form required to create motion for the specific activity. The result is eye catching and a cleaver use of simple physics.

Mr. Livingston when displaying his mobiles at art fairs tends to be the entertainment for a multiple boys and girls and often his mobiles go home as gifts for the guy who already has one of everything but truly is a kid at heart or as the unique wedding that will be appreciated for many years