Keith Livingston Design

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    Your Heart Next to Mine - Sterling Silver. This pendant makes a great gift for someone special or a statement for yourself about your relationship. This pendant is all about commitment and expressing your bond with another.

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    Cheshire Cat Pendant - Sterling Silver with Sapphires. The Cheshire Cat face and bow tie make this a truly elegant cat pendant.

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    Sterling Silver with Sapphires. This ring captures the expression and kindness of the French Bulldog. In the small format, it is scaled appropriately for women. It makes a great gift for French Bulldog lovers. This ring is available in a larger scale and when combined, they make a great couple's combination.

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    Jump Wings Ring - Sterling Silver. This recognizable design is symbolic to those who have been through military service and earned their Jump Wings. To all who have served in Airborne units, this is a dramatic way for you to represent your service and openly acknowledge your fellowship with those who have earned their wings.

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    Scottish Terrier Ring - Sterling Silver with Sapphires. Scottish Terriers are described as being a feisty dog, that serves as a good watchdog and tend to be very loyal to their family. This ring captures the essence of the Scottie look.

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    Sun Cat Pendant - Sterling Sliver - This piece captures the spiritual nature of the cat and the sun. A great pendant that speaks to cat lovers.

It was also the solution to the problem of not being able to not find a ring that was unique, sculptural and reflexive my personality. So I designed sculpted and cast the ring I wanted. I still wear it. Over time the concept has evolved into several unique lines of jewelry but they all have a strong sculptural feel.

Earning a BFA in sculpture provides a strong technical foundation in construction and design. So that I tell people, when they see my work for the first time, that I'm an artist first, sculptor second and jeweler third.

Jewelry as an art form is the ultimate accessory. It defines the wearer, brings attention, completes the outfit, makes a statement and if done well it starts a conversation. For a man, rings and cufflinks are statement-laden symbols. Women tend to seek refinement in their earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings but it all serves to attract attention to the wearer. My work is both dramatic and attention getting; whether at home, in the ballroom or board room; these pieces are suitable for wearing everyday and every where.

The jewelry collections are not focused on a singular theme as they have organically developed from both personal experiences and conversations. Dog rings, for example, began when my three daughters wanted a ring of the family's Schnauzer, Snickers. 'Santa' gave them all Snickers rings as presents that year. Currently, two West Highland Terriers are part of the family so there are Westie rings.

The most enjoyable pieces are those with elements of humor, like the Pirate Bulldogs or Aviator Bulldogs. The Cheshire Cat ring is all smile.

The goal is for the wearer to have a piece of jewelry that captures their imagination and starts a conversation. The jewelry is designed to help tell your story; or, perhaps, start an interesting experience.